The people counter system is the latest technology on video analysis and application, which is also the most advanced solution for counting the numbers of passengers on public transport.


Binocular cameras is t most accurate video people counter cameras adopted with stereoscopic recognization technology. It can provide high accuracy when determining traffic volumes from our small compacted video people counter.

The binocular cameras should be located overhead in the bus, which must tilt to the bus door or the first stair of bus door. Real time bi-directional counting records will be shown in LCD monitor and saved in the flash of video passenger counter. In fact,our video people counter also enables download data by ethernet cables via router or other WIFI modem. 


New Binocular Cameras is improved to offer the best multi-level gray images to counters, then counter can get the required actors to recognize passengers or not. One door need one unit of binocular cameras.


3D images are created by two CCD sensors built-in the one binocular cameras.
The video people counter calculates object height, enabling distinctions between types of foot traffic such as children, adults or other invalid objects. 
The device is also appropriate in a broad set of environments. This includes high traffic sites with variable lighting and indoor environments.
Stereo cameras allow to export normal video to LCD monitor or Mobile DVR; 
Vandalproof design to prevent possible damanage.

Bus Video People Counter Module Controler

Model: APC-V2


Auto Video People Counter APC-V2 is protect bus fleet ticket incomes with 2 bincoular cameras to detect 2 doors bus .  

- Powered by famous TI DaVinci™ DM6467T DSP

- The most professional solution for transit buses

- Accurately counting indoor & outdoor passengers in heavy traffic environments

- Simultaneously recognize adults or children (Free ticket passenger)

- Filters objects based on height, shape and size e.g. children and shopping carts as required


- High precision to define passengers with any color hats,bags,skins and hairs with crowds at the   same time ;


- Collects, stores and delivers data in configurable intervals


- Adjusts automatically to changes in the environments, such as lighting and temperature


- Reliable binocular cameras with the best lens;

- Built-in IR LED to promise a nice image in the night

- Fast deployment and installation in vehicles


- Low power consumption and waterproof design


- Standalone RS-232 port to integration other devices


- Analogue video export to Mobile DVR in the bus


- GPS tracker optional - WIFI auto upload and backed by reporter;.

Videos & Records

Our video passenger counter can export videos into Mobile DVR to record all counting images. So when you find tickets is not same as counting result, you can check recordings in mobile DVR. You can watch the video and see exactly what the system is counting thus verifying the counts. The video people counter accurately detects and records passenger entries/exits times in each stop.It only take data count, never record passenger privacy. Counting data will save in memory of counter over 30 days. It can be regularly sent back to a central reporter platform if you also select WIFI or 3G network. 



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